Our Process

Cover all needs

We strive to satisfy expectations of your passengers and make your trip an unforgettable experience. We offer a totally personalized service from start to finish. A turnkey process.

Consulting & Design

Design and consulting services for every project we face aiming to offer the best solution  acoording to the space and needed requirements.

Project Management & Logistics

The project management team oversees all the requirements throught the entire process, from desing to installation, as well as the purchase  course,  always striving to reduce shipping costs and transit time.


Technical´s eventorum installation technicians are experienced and accredited industry professionals. 

Interior Design

We work with newly built and refurbished interiors and provide interior services for various types of vessels such as cruise ships, ferries, expeditions.

Technical Services & After Support

Maintenance and repair service for all of your products and projects, both old and new, and  keep you up to date with information on the necessary maintenance actions over the time.

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